CHIR - Consortium of Healthcare Informatics Research

Information Extraction

The goal of the Information Extraction Methods (IEM) is to advance the science of clinical information extraction and retrieval research to improve healthcare for veterans. Despite twenty years of evidence supporting the potential of clinical IE/IR technologies, very few systems have made it outside the laboratory.

Research Coordination Core

Two types of projects will be led by CHIR-affiliated investigators, methodologically-focused research and applied research. We define methodologically-focused research as scientific inquiry that has as its primary emphasis the development of novel methods to overcome current challenges or the in-depth critique of existing methods. The three methodologically-focused projects will be: 1) de-identification; 2) concept extraction, and 3) clinically-relevant inference and modeling. CHIR will undertake two major, applied projects to translate scientific advances to the bedside and to demonstrate the value of its research activities.

Wendy Chapman (Site PI, Co-I)