Identifying Critical Findings from Radiology Reports

The primary goal of the Critical Findings project is to automatically identify critical findings from radiology reports to facilitate future communication of critical findings between radiologists and referring physicians. We will evaluate the technical performance of our critical finding detector and will estimate the impact the detector would have on radiologist workflow if we were to implement it in the real environment.

Selected Publications, Posters, and Presentations

  • Chapman BE, Mowery DL, Narasimhan E, Patel N, Chapman WW, Heilbrun ME. Assessing the Feasibility of an Automated Suggestion System for Communicating Critical Findings from Chest Radiograph Reports to Referring Physicians. BioNLP 2016. Berlin, Germany
  • Patel N, Narasimhan E, Mowery DL, Chapman WW, Chapman BE, Heilbrun ME. Annotation of critical findings from radiology reports: towards automated communication through the electronic health record. SIIM 2016. Portland, OR.
  • PI: 
    Wendy Chapman PhD