Information Extraction and Visualization ToolKit (IE-VIZ)

We are actively developing a flexible, user-centered development environment that will provide VA clinicians and
medical researchers with the ability to customize and configure NLP and visualization components, with little or
no expertise in NLP or custom software development. The resulting development environment
will allow non-NLP experts to customize, investigate, and apply NLP to clinical tasks and to develop visual
interfaces that integrate and display EHR data

Selected Publications, Papers, and Presentations

Use cases

  • Mowery DL, South BR, Patterson O, Zhu S-H, Conway M. Investigating the Documentation of Electronic Cigarette Use in the Veteran Affairs Electronic Health Record: A Pilot Study. BioNLP 2017. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Chapman A, Mowery DL, Swords DS, Chapman WW, Bucher B. Detecting Evidence of Intra-abdominal Surgical Site Infections from Radiology Reports using Natural Language Processing. AMIA Annu Symposium 2017. Washington, DC
  • Guo J, Mowery DL, Lai D, Sward K, Conway M. A Corpus Analysis of Social Connections and Social Isolation in Adolescents Suffering from Depressive Disorders. CLPsych 2017. Vancouver, BC
  • Cary E, Secrest A, Daniels C, Chapman WW, Conway M, Mowery DL. Classifying Sentiment of Free-Text Comments in Patient Satisfaction Surveys. 2017 Joint Summits on Translational Science. San Francisco, CA.
  • Mowery DL, Doing-Harris K, Chapman WW, Daniels C, Conway M. A Characterization of Emotional Valence to Support Review of Free-Text Press-Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey Responses. AMIA Annu Symp. 2016 :1524.
  • Doing-Harris K, Mowery DL, Daniels C, Chapman WW, Conway M. Understanding patient satisfaction with received healthcare services: A natural language processing approach. AMIA Annu Symp. 2016 :524-533.
  • Chapman BE, Mowery DL, Narasimhan E, Patel N, Chapman WW, Heilbrun ME. Assessing the Feasibility of an Automated Suggestion System for Communicating Critical Findings from Chest Radiograph Reports to Referring Physicians. BioNLP 2016. Berlin, Germany
  • Patel N, Narasimhan E, Mowery DL, Chapman WW, Chapman BE, Heilbrun ME. Annotation of critical findings from radiology reports: towards automated communication through the electronic health record. SIIM 2016. Portland, OR.
  • Mowery DL, Castine M, Madden E, Keyhani S, Chapman WW. Developing and Assessing the Complexity of a Knowledge Base for Extracting Indications from Carotid Ultrasounds for the Veterans Health Administration. 2017 Joint Summits on Translational Science. San Francisco, CA
  • Velupillai S, Mowery DL, Conway M, Hurdle J, Kious B. Vocabulary Development for Substance Abuse Information Extraction from Psychiatry Notes. Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing. 2016 :92-101.
  • South BR, Kramer H, Castine M, Mowery DL, Jones B, Chapman WW. Extending an Uncertainty Taxonomy for Suspected Pneumonia Case Review. In: Vol. 8. Denver, CO: International Society for Disease Surveillance; 2016.
  • South BR, Christensen L, Mowery DL, Castine M, Vali M, Carter M, Conway M, Gundlapalli A, Chapman WW, Keyhani S. Automatic Extraction of Social Determinants of Health from Veterans Affairs Clinical Documents using Natural Language Processing. Joint Summits on Translational Science. 2017 :TBA.
  • Shi J, South BR, Wimmer E, Pilling E, Shaffer K, Mowery DL, Chapman WW. An Automated Method to Identify Representative Keyword Lists for Medical School Course Curriculum Reporting. (under review).
  • Chapman A, Mowery DL, Swords DS, Chapman WW, Bucher B. Detecting Evidence of Intra-abdominal Surgical Site Infections from Radiology Reports using Natural Language Processing. (under review)
  • Bucher B, Mowery DL, Castine M, Chapman WW. Towards Automatic Detection of Surgical Site Infections. 2017 Joint Summits on Translational Science. San Francisco, CA.
  • Shah RU, Rupp A, Mowery D, Zhang M, Stoddard G, Deshmukh V, Bray BE, Hess R, Rondina MT. Stroke Prevention Rates In Atrial Fibrillation Before And After Introduction Of Direct Oral Anticoagulants. Neuroepidemiology. 2016;47(3-4):201-209.
  • Infrastructure

  • Shi J, Mowery DL. EasyCIE: A Development Platform to Support Quick and Easy, Rule-based Clinical Information Extraction. Fifth IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2017). Park City, UT.
  • Shi J, Mowery D, Doing-Harris K, Hurdle J. RuSH: a Rule-based Segmenting Tool Using Hashing for Extremely Accurate Clinical Text Sentence Segmentation. AMIA Annu Symp. 2016 :1587.
  • Velupillai S, Mowery DL, South BR, Kvist M, Dalianis H. Recent Advances in Clinical Natural Language Processing in Support of Semantic Analysis. Yearb Med Inform 2015;10:183-93.
  • Velupillai S, Mowery DL, Abdelrahman S, Christensen L, Chapman WW. Toward a Generalizable Time Expression Model for Temporal Reasoning in Clinical Notes. AMIA Symp Proc. San Francisco, CA. 2015. (accepted)
  • Scuba W, Tharp M, Tseytlin E, Liu Y, Drews FA, Chapman WW. Knowledge Author: Creating Domain Content for NLP Information Extraction. Sixth International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine (SMBM 2014); 2014.
  • Liu Y, Castine M, Hong M, Hochheiser H, Chapman WW. Schema Builder: A web-based user interface fro authoring and sharing natural language processing schema. Annu AMIA Symp Proc. 2013.
  • Wei W, Jiao Y, Chapman WW. Knowledge Representation For Topic Model Based On Discharge Summary Clustering. Annu AMIA Symp Proc. 2013.
  • Jiao Y, Wei W, Chapman WW. An Information Extraction Based Search System For Clinical Records. Annu AMIA Symp Proc. 2013.
  • PI: 
    Wendy Chapman PhD