Towards Choosing Wisely: Assessing Reasons for Exam in Carotid Ultrasound Reports

A national movement fostered through the “Choosing Wisely” program aims to decrease unnecessary procedures, tests, and medications ordered by physicians in the US health care system. Overuse of carotid imaging can lead to increased cost, risky interventions, and diversion of resources that may not improve veteran health. In this study, we are retrospectively cataloguing and classifying indications for ordering an ultrasound carotid exam and evaluating our ability to automatically identify indications for exam using natural language processing.

Selected Publications, Posters, and Presentations

  • Mowery DL, Castine M, Madden E, Keyhani S, Chapman WW. Developing and Assessing the Complexity of a Knowledge Base for Extracting Indications from Carotid Ultrasounds for the Veterans Health Administration. 2017 Joint Summits on Translational Science. San Francisco, CA
  • PI: 
    Wendy Chapman
    Co-I: Danielle Mowery
    Co-I: Salomeh Keyhani