Methodology to develop and evaluate a semantic representation for NLP.

TitleMethodology to develop and evaluate a semantic representation for NLP.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsIrwin, JY, Harkema, H, Christensen, LM, Schleyer, T, Haug, PJ, Chapman, WW
JournalAMIA Annu Symp Proc
Date Published2009
KeywordsDental Records, Electronic Health Records, Evaluation Studies as Topic, Humans, Natural Language Processing, Semantics

Natural language processing applications that extract information from text rely on semantic representations. The objective of this paper is to describe a methodology for creating a semantic representation for information that will be automatically extracted from textual clinical records. We illustrate two of the four steps of the methodology in this paper using the case study of encoding information from dictated dental exams: (1) develop an initial representation from a set of training documents and (2) iteratively evaluate and evolve the representation while developing annotation guidelines. Our approach for developing and evaluating a semantic representation is based on standard principles and approaches that are not dependent on any particular domain or type of semantic representation.

Alternate JournalAMIA Annu Symp Proc
PubMed ID20351863